Orland takes all his photos on a Sony DSC-P93 digital camera. He likes it because he can take up to 400 photos on a single charge, and takes rather good pictures. Although digital cameras have gotten smaller since he bought this one, he doesn't see a need to buy a new one just yet. Mind you, he has had his eye on a Nikon D70S...

On a trip to Europe (Poland and the UK) in the summer of 2005, he took over 900 photos. Of course, having his PowerBook along for the trip, and download the morning/afternoon/day worth of photos made this an easy feat. A few of his favourite photos from this trip can be seed on Flickr.



© 2006. Orland Hoeber.

"Regardless of how complex computers and software have become, the human mind is still far more complex." -- Orland Hoeber, 2006.