Information Visualization

Information visualization takes advantage of the human visual information processing systems by genearting graphical representations of data or concepts. The goal is to allow the viewer to gain understanding or insight into the underlying data.

At the most basic level, we use information visualization whenever we draw a graph or a picture to convey a concept. As such, information visualization techniques have been used for centuries. Computers have not only allowed us to generate visual representations of data much more quickly, but have also added the ability for the user to interact with these representations. Therefore, virtually all software that makes use of information visualization includes the ability for the user to interact with and explore the data.

In terms of a scientific discipline, information visualization exists somewhere between computer graphics, human-computer interaction, perceptual psychology, and cognitive psychology.




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Web Information Retrieval

Information retrieval can be defined as the broad research field concerned with the retrieval of information from collections. In web information retrieval, we are primarily concerned with the retrieval of documents and other types of information over the web (i.e., web search).




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Web Intelligence

Web intelligence is a field of research that applies artificial intelligence research and information technology to the development of "next generation" web-enabled systems.



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